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Color Guard

A section of Marching Band that interprets the music played by the marching band or drum corps via synchronized dance of flags, sabres, rifles, and other relevant props.


The section of Marching Band that performs with snares, tenors, and bass drums. Also known as “Battery” or “Batterie.”

Marching Band

Includes all marching instrumental musicians and Color Guard. Marching Band is the most visible component of the Instrumental Music Program at Laguna Hills High School. This program is open to all students who are interested in participating in marching band. Marching Band performs in competition, at home football games, and at selected other community and school events.

Is an elite group of musicians wishing to gain experience in musical idioms based on the “Jazz Tradition,” which include Early Jazz, Swing, Bebop, Modal Jazz, Blues, Fusion, and Funk.

Comprises musicians who play the violin, viola, cello, string bass, piano, and harp. Students are taught the fundamentals of proper string technique, music reading, music history, and music theory.

Comprises accomplished musicians with advanced skill who play moderate to difficult music. Rehearsals stress preparation of concert music, fundamentals of proper wind and percussion technique, music reading, music history, and music theory.

An elite group of wind and percussion players that perform the most advanced and challenging compositions. The course is designed to continue the development in all areas of musical performance and understanding which were introduced in Symphonic Band.