Amazon Charity Lists

Helping us by purchasing these much-needed supplies will go a long way to help keep our music programs alive.

Money Donations                   

What your contributions help pay for:

Coaching ($6,000)
Equipment/Supplies ($2,140)
Competition, Registration, Festival Fees ($4,800)
Music Purchase ($2,150)
Truck/Bus Rentals ($3,500)
Winter Programs Equipment/Props ($3,000)
(plus miscellaneous expenses)

Behringer Europort HPA40 Handheld PA System with Microphone

 Our Amazon Smile Wishlist


Pageantry Innovations AR-30 Mini Field Percussion Rack



Q: What kinds of items are on the lists?
A: The Band Boosters received input from our band Director, Mr. Bui and Coaches, for items that could help our students learn and get more value from our Marching Band, Color guard, Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, and Orchestra programs.

Q: Some items look like they’re out of stock. How can I still purchase them?
A:  Because Amazon sells items from third-party vendors, supplies can be unpredictable. If an everyday/generic item such as snack chips or batteries is out of stock, feel free to look for something similar and donate that in its place. If a specific item such as a musical instrument or piece of electronic equipment is out of stock, email us and we’ll work on adding a replacement item to the registry.

Q: If there’s something on the registry that I know I can get elsewhere at a better price, can I just get it there?
A:  Absolutely! Just shoot us a quick email to let us know you’ve bought it somewhere else so that we know it’s on its way to us.

Q: How do the Band Programs or Band Boosters receive the items I’ve donated?
A: Items you purchase for us from Amazon are shipped directly to Laguna Hills High School, to the attention of the LHHS Music Boosters. The school’s front office staff make sure they are then forwarded to the band room, where the band directors will either begin to use them for music education or set them aside for the Band Boosters for our student support efforts.

Q:  How can I make sure you know I’m the one who made the donation?
A:  If the item is sold & shipped by Amazon you will have the usual option to add a gift message during checkout. If it is sold on the Amazon platform but not by them & not shipped through them, you may not have that option. In that case, just email us and let us know that you’ve donated so we can be sure to thank you!

Q: If I’m donating physical items and not money, is it still considered a charitable donation?
A: The Laguna Hills High School Boosters Association, is a recognized non-profit organization. Just like monetary donations, the value of the items you purchase is a tax deductible donation. Just be sure to create a printable receipt of your purchase and save it with your tax records.