If your child has been in the LHHS Music program for a while, you may already be familiar with Charms. Or maybe you’ve heard people mention “Charms” and wondered what they were talking about. Or perhaps this is the first time you are hearing about it.
What is Charms?  Charms Office Assistant is a multi-functional, web-based, administrative software used by the LHHS Instrumental Music program to manage our information and resources database. It is also the payment system we use to manage the student accounts. Each student (and their family) has an account in Charms. Here’s how you can log in:
Top reasons for using Charms:
  • Check your balance and verify the amounts you’ve contributed towards your student’s suggested program contribution. 
  • Make donations, purchases, and payments (using Paypal). Donations through Paypal are posted to Charms immediately; donations made through Square are posted to Charms within 1-2 days; and donations made by check are posted to Charms after each banker deposit. LHHS Instrumental Music is a 501(c3) organization, so your contributions may be tax deductible.
  • Verify and update your student/parent information and so on . . . (Just click Update Info)
  1. Go to the Charms website at http://www.charmsoffice.com, click LOGIN and select Parents/Students/Members.
  2. Enter your school code as LHHSMUSIC and click ENTER CHARMS.
  3. Input your password and click ENTER. If this is your first time using Charms, your initial password will be your student’s 6-digit permanent ID. Thereafter, Charms will prompt you to create a new password.
  4. Once logged in, the home page shows menu icons which allow you to navigate to the different sections of Charms.
  5. Click UPDATE INFO to input or verify your contact information. 
  6. To make a payment, click Finances.
  7. The Student Financial Statement shows your current account balances. From here, select which method of payment you prefer and click either Pay Fixed Payments or Make Miscellaneous Payments.
  8. To make a payment using Pay Fixed Payments, you first need to enable the process by clicking the PayPal slider to the left until it turns blue . Then click and follow the instructions as prompted.
  9. If paying by installments or to make other payments on the account, click and follow the instructions as prompted. Make sure to indicate the purpose of the payment in the Description box.
  10. The payment process is handled through PayPal. Follow the instructions as prompted. The final payment process routes back to Charms for your confirmation.
  11. When finished, click .
If you have any problems accessing the site or questions about your data, please email your inquiries to [email protected].