“2020 – 2021 Needed-to-Operate” Program Contributions

Dear LHHS Music Families,

Thank you for being part of the LHHS Instrumental Music Family and supporting your child(ren) in the program.  Whether your child is in Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Orchestra, Jazz Band, Marching Band, Color Guard, Drumline, and/or Winter Guard you will find this an outstanding learning experience, not only in the world of music but in life.

You’ve heard it before, but we can’t do it without your monetary support. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, fundraisers, such as the 4th of July event and Kettle Korn were cancelled this year, and the annual Mattress Sale will likely be cancelled.  The Mixed Bag fundraiser and other virtual fundraisers will be announced shortly. But please know that the bulk of Instrumental Music funding still comes from parents and “angel” donors!  LHHS Music Boosters is a 501(c3) organization, and your contribution(s) may be tax deductible.

Based on this year’s budgeted expenses, the suggested “needed to operate” program contributions for the ensembles have been determined as follows:

  • Marching Band/Color Guard   $245.00
  • Symphonic/Wind Ensemble   $83.00
  • Orchestra   $262.00
  • Winter Guard   $180.00 (does not include costume)
  • Drumline   $327.50 (does not include costume)
  • Jazz Band   $83.00

For your convenience, we offer different payment methods, whichever works for your family’s contribution. Monthly, Bi-monthly, Weekly, Bi-weekly installments are welcome.


Payable to:

LHHS Music Boosters Association

and mail to or drop off at:

Booster President
Mary-Alice Blanchard
24481 Dardania
Mission Viejo, CA 92691

Please include the parent name, student name, and ensemble(s) on any transaction with the Boosters.


Username:  @LHHSMusicBoosters

Username:  [email protected]

Username:  @LHHSMusicBoosters


On our website https://www.lhhsmusic.org

Scroll to the bottom and click “Donate Here”

Note: Requires a PayPal account

Where does the money go?  Your yearly “as-needed-to-operate” contribution goes directly to purchasing and providing music, bringing in coaches to give extra specialized instruction to enhance student playing ability, replacing/repairing broken equipment, transportation costs and meals, and enabling our students to attend competitions and festivals where they can perform their music at the highest level for a wider audience.  In short, your contribution goes directly to supporting your student’s music education and musical experience at Laguna Hills High School.

Unfortunately, if funds are insufficient, these activities and coaching will be in jeopardy.  While this would never be our desire, it could be our reality.

The Saddleback Valley Unified School District is very proud of the extensive co-curricular programs offered at the comprehensive high schools. Through state funding, both the District provides financial support for these programs, which may include stipends for one or more coach/advisor for each program, superb facilities, and general maintenance of the facilities. However, costs exceed limited state allocations, thus necessitating booster club support and requests for contributions from participants. Participation in the Laguna Hills High School Music Booster Organization is strictly voluntary, and no student will be denied the opportunity to participate in a SVUSD co-curricular activity because of a parent or guardian’s failure to participate in fundraising activities, failure to devote time or resources to the booster club, or failure to purchase uniforms, or other accessories or equipment. Parents or students who do not participate will not be publicly identified. In an effort to provide a comprehensive program for students at all levels, the Laguna Hills High School’s Music Program is requesting additional contributions in the amount of $20,140.00 to fulfill our operating budget, which works out to approximately $245.00 per student. If additional funds to augment the program are not raised in the amount noted above, the school may find it necessary to scale back the program. We are strongly encouraging all parents to contribute to the program. Remember, your contributions may be tax deductible. Please consult with your accountant or tax advisor for specifics. Additionally, parents and students may be asked to participate in fundraising activities throughout the year in an effort to provide even greater financial support for the program. Participation is highly encouraged. However, lack of participation in these fundraising activities by a parent or guardian will not affect their student’s ability to participate.

Thank you in advance for your continued support of the LHHS Instrumental Music Program.


LHHS Instrumental Music and Color Guard Booster Association Board
Mary-Alice Blanchard,  Susie Holloway,  Beth Pierce,  Monte Herring,  Leo Chua,  Mailynda Le,  Suzy McMasters, Heath McMasters